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Dark Dreams

Dark Dreams is the new library featuring cinematic designed raw percussion samples, hits and sound effects.

Think dark. Think raw. Think playable. Metallic hits, Klangs, Slams, Bottoms, Ambience hits, Big hits, unprocessed bits and a large variety of designed patches for Kontakt 4 and above.


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“Dream inside a Dream” courtesy of The Unfinished
“Molded Demolition” courtesy of Arthur Hendriks



 Please note: you need the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above to use the product. 


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Product Description

  • All samples are 24bit/48.000Hz
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready
  • An exaustive amount (162) of .nki patches and .nkm multis for Kontakt 4 and abov
  • Patches have been expressely designed to be modular and layerable. Bottoms, tops, mid range, ambience. Every patch of the library can be combined to obtain complex hits and percussive ensembles. Possibilities are endless.
  • Modulation wheel behaviours
  • Key Triggered distortion and Volume Kill
  • Velocity controlled filter behaviours
  • Please note: full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.3 or above is required
  • The product is delivered as digital download. You will receive an email with the download link immediately after purchase process is completed.

The Library Contains The Following Sounds/Patches

A complete set of cinematic designed percussions and FX. Hits, reverses, pulsations and athmospheres. Here's a complete list of the available patches:

01 - Multis

DD Multi 01.nkm DD Multi 05.nkm DD Multi 09.nkm DD Multi 13.nkm
DD Multi 02.nkm DD Multi 06.nkm DD Multi 10.nkm DD Multi 14.nkm
DD Multi 03.nkm DD Multi 07.nkm DD Multi 11.nkm DD Multi 15.nkm
DD Multi 04.nkm DD Multi 08.nkm DD Multi 12.nkm

02 - Main Patches

DR Dark Big Klang 01.nki DR Dark Bottomer 06.nki DR Dark Dang 02.nki DR Dark Klang 02.nki
DR Dark Big Klang 02.nki DR Dark Bottomer 07.nki DR Dark Dang 03.nki DR Dark Klang 03.nki
DR Dark Big Slam 01.nki DR Dark Bottomer 08.nki DR Dark Dang 04.nki DR Dark Klang 04.nki
DR Dark Bottomer 01.nki DR Dark Can 01.nki DR Dark Hammer 01.nki DR Dark Slam 01.nki
DR Dark Bottomer 02.nki DR Dark Can 02.nki DR Dark Hammer 02.nki DR Dark Slam 02.nki
DR Dark Bottomer 03.nki DR Dark Chain 01.nki DR Dark Key 01.nki DR Dark Slam 03.nki
DR Dark Bottomer 04.nki DR Dark Chain 02.nki DR Dark Klang 01.nki DR Dark Slam 04.nki
DR Dark Bottomer 05.nki DR Dark Dang 01.nki

03 - Big Hits

DR Big Hits 01.nki DR Big Hits 07.nki DR Big Hits 13.nki DR Big Hits 19.nki
DR Big Hits 02.nki DR Big Hits 08.nki DR Big Hits 14.nki DR Big Hits 20.nki
DR Big Hits 03.nki DR Big Hits 09.nki DR Big Hits 15.nki DR Big Hits 21.nki
DR Big Hits 04.nki DR Big Hits 10.nki DR Big Hits 16.nki DR Big Hits All Reversed.nki
DR Big Hits 05.nki DR Big Hits 11.nki DR Big Hits 17.nki DR Big Hits All.nki
DR Big Hits 06.nki DR Big Hits 12.nki DR Big Hits 18.nki

04 - Addons - Ambienced Hits

DR Ambienced Hits 01.nki DR Ambienced Hits 07.nki DR Ambienced Hits 13.nki DR Ambienced Hits 18.nki
DR Ambienced Hits 02.nki DR Ambienced Hits 08.nki DR Ambienced Hits 14.nki DR Ambienced Hits 19.nki
DR Ambienced Hits 03.nki DR Ambienced Hits 09.nki DR Ambienced Hits 15.nki DR Ambienced Hits 20.nki
DR Ambienced Hits 04.nki DR Ambienced Hits 10.nki DR Ambienced Hits 16.nki DR Ambienced Hits 21.nki
DR Ambienced Hits 05.nki DR Ambienced Hits 11.nki DR Ambienced Hits 17.nki DR Ambienced Hits All.nki
DR Ambienced Hits 06.nki DR Ambienced Hits 12.nki

05 - Addons - Big Hits Reverse Mirrored

DR Big Hits 01 Rev Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 07 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 12 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 17 Revs Mirrored.nki
DR Big Hits 02 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 08 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 13 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 18 Revs Mirrored.nki
DR Big Hits 03 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 09 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 14 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 19 Revs Mirrored.nki
DR Big Hits 04 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 10 Rev Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 15 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 20 Revs Mirrored.nki
DR Big Hits 05 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 11 Rev Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 16 Revs Mirrored.nki DR Big Hits 21 Revs Mirrored.nki
DR Big Hits 06 Revs Mirrored.nki

06 - Addons - Raw originals

DR Bottom 01.nki DR Dang 02.nki DR Metal 1.nki DR Slam 1.nki
DR Bottom 02.nki DR Dang 3.nki DR Metal 2.nki DR Slam 2.nki
DR Can 01.nki DR Dang 4.nki DR Metal 3.nki DR Slam 3.nki
DR Can 02.nki DR Klang 1.nki DR Metal 4.nki DR Slam 4.nki
DR Can 03.nki DR Klang 2.nki DR Metal 5.nki DR Slam 5.nki
DR Can 04.nki DR Klang 3.nki DR Metal 6.nki DR Slam 6.nki
DR Can 05.nki DR Klang 4.nki DR Metal 7.nki DR Slam 7.nki
DR Dang 01.nki DR Klang 5.nki DR Metal 8.nki

07 - Multi Addon One

Multi Addon One 01.nkm Multi Addon One 04.nkm Multi Addon One 07.nkm Multi Addon One 09.nkm
Multi Addon One 02.nkm Multi Addon One 05.nkm Multi Addon One 08.nkm Multi Addon One 10.nkm
Multi Addon One 03.nkm Multi Addon One 06.nkm

08 - The darkener Addon

DD A Step in the dark.nki DD Dark Pulse Four.nki DD Dark Pulse Two.nki DR Dark Springs.nki
DD All Subs Menu.nki DD Dark Pulse One.nki DD Lord Phasey.nki DR Outer Space.nki
DD Bones with no name.nki DD Dark Pulse Three.nki

09 - Multi Addon Two

Dont Cross.nkm Idiotic.nkm SmallBrains.nkm Suburbia.nkm
Suspensive Box.nkm The Cave.nkm The Dark Church.nkm Tokyo decadence.nkm
Underground.nkm Vibrion.nkm
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