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    Indie Fingers Volume Three: Rhythmic Mayhem

    Welcome to the next evolution of our Indie Fingers Guitar Sample Libraries line: Indie Fingers Volume Three – Rhythmic Mayhem



    Indie Fingers Volume Three: Rhythmic Mayhem is the brand new electric guitar sample library featuring Fully playable Rhythmic Patterns and textures.

    All patterns are multisampled along the neck to keep the most authentic tone in all the range.

    Indie Fingers Volume Three: Rhythmic Mayhem introduces a comprehensive array of rhythmic guitar patterns, multiple techniques (unmuted and different palm mute) , which can be played in a piano-like form allowing the musicians to create and play their own lines, chords, intervals. All provided in a modular asset where all the patches can be combined/layered creating infinite combinations of guitar arrangements and riffs.


    Get an hint of the Indie Fingers Serie by downloading the Indie Fingers Free Taster Pack


    Audio Demos:

    Not seeing the player? Click here
    “Confluence” courtesy of Brian Bunker
    Click here for Brian’s Soundcloud
    “Measuring time” courtesy of Arthur Hendriks
    “Chemistry” courtesy of Blake Ewing
    Click here to read more about Blake Ewing
    “Happy Days” and “Bad Blood” courtesy of Generdyn
    Click here to read more about Generdyn
    “Wasteland Rescue” courtesy of Meena Shamaly
    Click here to read more about Meena
    “Falling Angels” courtesy of Gabriel Kreps
    Click here to visit Gabriel’s Soundcloud page



     Please note: you need the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above to use the product. 

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