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    MBD (Marching Bass Drums)

    MBD (Marching Bass Drums) is the new library featuring an accurately sampled marching bass drums. Eight different mallet striking techniques and two rolls, recorded each with round robins. The library features a main set and five designed patches with film scoring in mind.


    The libraries features three  separate mixable microphones Close, Overhead and Room, offering maximum flexibility, from way “roomy” to extremely dry.



    Not seeing the player? Click here
    Grand Opening” and “War Drums” courtesy of Roman Heuser Roman Heuser’s website
    From the deep” courtesy of Gabriel Kreps Click here to visit Gabriel’s Soundcloud page
    “Herd” courtesy of Blake Ewing
    Click here to read more about Blake Ewing



    Please note: you need the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above to use the product. 


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