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    Indie Mandolin

    Indie Mandolin features a complete set of Folk Mandolin sequenced patches and sustained tones, fully playable to create realistic and lively performances.




    The raw and unpolished tone and the playing techniques captured make Indie Mandolin the perfect tool for adding that “indie folk” flavour to any composition and song. It includes fully payable patterns patches, sustained tones, round robin patches, slides, double stops and tremolando.


    Dream Audio Tools have done it again! they again paired up simplicity with a high end sound and intuitive usability
    Film and Game Composers – Read the full review


    Audio Demos:

    Not seeing the player? Click here

    “Pilgrim” courtesy of Gabriel Kreps Click here to read more about Gabriel Kreps
    “The Wanderer’s Tales” courtesy of Roman Heuser Roman Heuser’s website

     Please note: you need the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above to use the product. 

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