• Indie Fingers Volume Four: Acoustic Guitar Sample Library

    Indie Fingers Volume Four: Acoustic



    Indie Fingers Volume Four: Acoustic is the  new acoustic guitar sample library featuring an extensive selection of fully playable patterns, arpeggios and sustained patches, ideal for creating realistic sounding intervals, arpeggios and sequences

    Indie Fingers Volume Four: Acoustic blends together all the tools previously found in the serie like Played intervals, Patterns, Fast arpeggio builder, Sustained notes, Bass repetitions, Combined patches, Noises, Percussions, Harmonics in order to provide a nice amount of flexibility both rhythmically and hamonically.


    Get an hint of the Indie Fingers Serie by downloading the Indie Fingers Free Taster Pack


    Audio Demos:

    Not seeing the player? Click here
    “The moon also rises” courtesy of Brian Bunker
    Click here for Brian’s Soundcloud


     Please note: you need the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or above to use the product. 

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