• handrums


    Handrums is our new library featuring a wide selection of Drum Instruments released playing drums with hands, fingers and other body parts. As a result we obtained a drum sound with a marked raw and tribal character.


    Handrums features two kicks, a snare, two low toms, two mid toms and one small tom. All multivelocity and with round-robins (up to five round robins). Depending on the kit part we used one single hand, two hands, fingers, elbow to get a complete sound menu. Also we added a nice selection of rolls and flames as a bonus.



    handrums-skin 2


    Handrums is perfect for adding lively percussive sounds and drumming to a really wide range of styles, including Pop, Rock, Rnb, Hip Hop, and Cinematic/Action.



    Audio Demos:

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    And this is a Video Walktrough of the included Multis in Handrums:



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  • indie-drums

    Indie Drums: Phat Boy

    Indie Drums: Phat Boy is the new library featuring an Hybrid Drum Kit recorded and mixed with an authentic indie tone in mind. Think fat and low-tuned with a raw yet very usable tone, well suited for a wide range of styles, from modern folk-songwriter to rock, funky and even electronica/industrial.




    The library features a complete sampled drum kit, recorded and engineered in three different mix configurations: Flat (for using your own processing), Phat (mix has been pumped up to add a fat and bottom enhanced sound) and Saturated (mix has been overdriven to obtain a grungey and industrial tone).


    For each three configurations you can mix Close, Overhead and Room microphones, to get your own best balancement, from way “roomy” to extremely dry.


    Indie Drums: Phat Boy features both Full Playable Kits (two for each mix configuration) and Single Kit Components. You can change and combine Close, Overhead and Room microphones at single component level, for best flexibility.
    The library includes also as a bonus a nice selection of Cymbal swells


    Audio Demos:

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  • mbd

    MBD (Marching Bass Drums)

    MBD (Marching Bass Drums) is the new library featuring an accurately sampled marching bass drums. Eight different mallet striking techniques and two rolls, recorded each with round robins. The library features a main set and five designed patches with film scoring in mind.


    The libraries features three  separate mixable microphones Close, Overhead and Room, offering maximum flexibility, from way “roomy” to extremely dry.



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    Grand Opening” and “War Drums” courtesy of Roman Heuser Roman Heuser’s website
    From the deep” courtesy of Gabriel Kreps Click here to visit Gabriel’s Soundcloud page
    “Herd” courtesy of Blake Ewing
    Click here to read more about Blake Ewing


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